The most played sport in the world – Football, or Soccer to you North Americans.

With so many people in various parts of the world all enjoying football as much as each other, it’s logical that pitches would be built to accommodate in rural, mountainous and even historic terrains.

This blend of sporting passion and creative surroundings has given us some of the coolest football pitches in the world.



Meshchershy Park, AKA the Forest Pitch (Russia)

I’ve heard all kinds of rumours about this pitch. It’s Putins private football pitch, it’s deep in the forest and no one can get to it, etc. Turns out this pitch sits a 20 minute drive from the centre of Moscow in a small community park called Meshchershy Park, which is open 24 hours a day.

NK Portoroz, Piran (Slovenia)

Perched on the mountain side, you do have to wonder how many balls they’ve lost since being founded?

Reethi Rah Hotel (Maldives)

One of the best and most famous hotels in the world. Have a knock about and jump into the sea right after, perfect.

Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium (Switzerland)

According to reports, this is the highest stadium in the world. However there is one in Boliva which may rival this.

Lofoten Islands, Henningsvaer (Norway)

The most famous stadium on this list. Football Island is well known around the world for its obvious striking drone shots.

Eidi Eysturoy Island (Faroe Islands)

Literally in the middle of nowhere, you do feel sorry for the keeper with those crosswinds.

Fortress Kvareli AKA Castle Stadium (Georgia)

Some teams home grounds are named a fortress due to their impressive results. However you may be surprised turning up to this stadium in Georgia, where this team actually do play their home games in a Fortress.

Santa Cruz De La Palma, Estadio Nuevo Silvestre Carrillo (Tenerife)

Perhaps the most fun stadium to go and watch a game at. With the sun, the sea, the elevation and closeness to the action you can’t go wrong. There’s also a road just behind the stadium leading into the car park, it almost feels like the ultimate Sunday league pitch.

Gospin Dolac Stadium (Croatia)

This stadium has been built at the base of this town, sunk down between the buildings and the rocks to stop wind. With a pretty decent capacity the atmostphere must get pretty heated.

Tasillaq (Greenland)

Since they astrotrufed the pitch and got rid of the dirt covered pitch, this setting is picturesque and a dream for any football fan.

Nuuk Stadium, about to become Arktisk Stadion (Greenland)

If they can build the second stadium here, just imagine how impressive national games would be should Greenland qualify for anything.

Heimaey Island (Iceland)

Perhaps the coldest pitch on this list. In Iceland, wide open space, elevated and near the sea. I bet the keeper isn’t wearing shorts.

Trogir (Croatia)

I’m surprised top level players don’t retire and come to play for the local Trogir team. With the weather, port and pitch, you’d feel like a superstar with less stress.

Tokyo (Japan)

As seen in the Toyko Drift film, this rooftop pitch in Japan has been built on top of a shopping mall for 5 a side pleasure.

Victoria Stadium (Gibraltar)

Looking more like a video game venue, imagine pinging a long ball downfield with that view in the background.

Cierny Balog Stadium (Slovakia)

Another famous stadium many wouldn’t have known the name of. Do not be alarmed if a train comes between you and the players during the game. The train track runs directly through the ground covering the fans view with smoke.

Happy Valley Racecourse (China)

An entire complex of money. Horses running around you, highrise buildings and rich snobs sipping champagne. Feels more like Ancient Rome than a football environment.

Al Shamal Sports Club (Qatar)

Not found on many people’s lists, this Qatar stadium is sure to be overshadowed by the new stadiums built for the world cup. 

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Kris Sturmey


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