Frank Gallucci is a men’s style and lifestyle influencer with over 100k Instagram followers. He’s also worked with the likes of Maserati and Jaguar.


You have a very masculine yet stylish look, could you tell us how you achieve this?

I don’t know if it’s so stylish but for sure I created a specific identity which is the most important thing


What type of clothing do you recommend for the upcoming summer?

Linen trousers which give you freshness..I love wearing a pair of them with a white or light blue shirt and it’s a versatile outfit because you can use it for an aperitivo or even for a pleasant night maybe in front of the sea in the good company of a special lady for dinner.


Do you think dressing well requires money, or can it be done by anyone even on a budget?

Well….in general no…nowadays we are surrounded by so many stores in which you can find a good compromise between quality and price….It’s just a matter of patience and time that you need to invest in yourself to find the right pieces. Of course the more money you have the more outfits you can have…My tip is the following: guys, when you go shopping, try to don’t buy instinctively..think what you have in your closet and try to buy something you can mix with something you already have, this will enable you to create more combinations…that’s the key.


What are your favourite types of outfits and why?

High-waisted pants (maybe pleated) with a denim shirt and a pair of derby shoes. Why? Because it’s halfway between a casual and elegant outfit…you will never make a mistake with this one and it’s so appropriate for almost every daily occasion.


Why do you think Italian men have a natural sense for fashion?

First of all I don’t think we are the best…many people, considering my personal hashtag (#proudtobeitalian) they think I am obsessed with italians…I generally think we are just different and I believe that we have this natural sense because of the beauty of Italy.. All of us, were born surrounded by beauty from north to the south and this effect has an incredible impact on our life and our way of wearing…if around you there is such an incredible harmony, then that’s the final result


Style requires confidence, do you have any advice for those men who want to wear certain items, but are concerned about what others will think?

The key is and always will be “self-confidence”

It’s normal making mistakes, but I can assure that after so many mistakes you find your dimension…don’t follow fashion just because the rest of the world is wearing that piece, try to be yourself and when in front of the mirror you will see a good version of yourself.