Natural Diuretic Supplement

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Sku: 1M-NDS-001

Back by popular demand and an improved formula and quantity. You'll now get 90 tablets instead of 60 with higher dosages than the product you originally loved.

The natural diuretic supplement has been designed to tackle water retention, that unwanted puffy face appearance that makes you looks 2 or 3 % higher in body fat and ruins the angularity we all want.

The ingredients used in this supplement all help to flush water, waste and salt from the body whilst maintaining potassium levels, which is why it can be taken daily and is marketed as a lifestyle product rather than something a bodybuilder would take pre-competition like all the other diuretics.


Parsley: 900mg

Dandelion Root: 900mg

HIbiscus: 450mg

Potassium: 225mg

Magnesium: 150mg

Vitamin C: 75mg

Iron: 6mg

Vitamin B6: 1.5mg