Men's Extra Length Boxer Shorts

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"These are the most comfortable boxers I have ever tried. I'll definitely be buying more in the future"


As a man who goes to the gym, standard off the shelf boxers were no longer comfortable. My boxers became more like briefs riding up and causing an uncomfortable day, especially when wearing jeans.

I decided to create my own boxers that did 2 things. 1, fit muscular legs and stick to the leg all day long without having to constantly readjust in public. 2, create a pair of men's boxers that focused on appearance and quality materials above plastering a giant logo all over the waistband like a 360 degree jumbotron.

I've always had an issue with another man's name being on my boxers as if he's taking ownership of my dick. 1STMAN is a brand name that represents everyone of us and what we're trying to achieve - become leading men.


Disclaimer - Boxers can't be returned for obvious hygiene reasons