The Male Advantage E-book



Society likes men and women to believe that they are living on the same timeline. In reality, a man and a woman born in the same year will encounter completely different lives.

Women will experience a meteoric rise to social hierarchy fame in their teens/early 20’s with little effort, whilst men of the same age will likely have to gear up for a decade of hardship.

At the end of this decade, the man finally builds traction, only to be interrupted by marriage, fatherhood and becoming a homeowner. All of which he runs towards with wide eyes and a bushy tail.

Years later he comes to realise that he’s been living on the female timeline and chasing after feminine life goals due to society and the media’s narrative. He realises men peak later than women, but it’s too late to take advantage of.

The end result…He misses out on the male peak; he’s married during the years he’s most attractive to women and every penny he’s ever saved has been spent on building a family rather than chasing his own dreams.

In The Male Advantage, author and 1STMAN Founder Kris Sturmey, breaks-down how to position yourself to live on a male timeline, how to navigate the roadblocks to a successful male life and how to improve in various areas of life in order to align with the male advantage years.



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