Product Search

Welcome to product search by 1STMAN. Product search is our way of helping you find the products you require. We list the best brands for each category so you don’t have to spend hours and hours searching for what you need.

Below are the best and most respected men’s brands in the world that we believe deliver the best combined quality, price and product relevance.


Armand De Brignac Premium champagne company famous for their Ace Of Spades bottles.

Pohjala Beer – Some of the best tasting beer we’ve ever had with a huge range to suit any man’s needs. Every man needs to give this Estonian brewery a try.

Beard Oils


Carl Friedrik – Some of the best looking leather bags on the planet. Not only great quality, but well built and easy on the eye.

Ucon Acrobatics – A German company that is being copied by everyone due to their unique designs. Their suede satchels are very hipster yet formal and popular across Europe.


ORO Los Angeles – Most notably known for their Chelsea boots which are stunning, ORO’s boots will go with any pair of jeans you buy. The only problem you’ll have is you’ll want to own more pairs.


Boda Skins Leather Jackets – In our opinion Boda do the best men’s leathers jackets on the planet. Our favourite; the Kay Michaels.



Solid State – Not your typical fragrance, solid state after shave and deodrant come in pocket sized solid balms. The advantage here is that the scent stays stronger for longer and you can keep it in your pocket even when out at the club.

Formal Shoes

Gaziano & Girling – Our go-to for men’s formal shoes. The Midnight Blues are especially easy on the eye. These shoes are head-turners and not out of this world in terms of price either.


Kontrol Freeks – Kontrol Freeks make attachments for Xbox and Playstation controllers that improve accuracy, speed and performance. Perfect for any gamers who are serious about their scores.

Gym Clothing

Hair Care

Mon-Platin – Hair wax that’s actually healthy for your hair as it’s made with Jojoba oil.



Barrister & Mann – Been working with these guys for years, every product launch seems to get better and better. Their shaving soaps are some of the best in the world.



North-89 – If you’re looking for sneakers that go with everything yet somehow manage to standout then North-89 is the company you need. We were sent 3 pairs in blue, white and black and couldn’t be happier.

Sporting Equipment


LN-CC – London based LN-CC are a high-end streetwear brand that stocks clothes from various brands including Off-White, Moncler and Gucci.


Frere – Very much on the expensive side for this brands modern take on men’s suits, but an option for men looking for something that makes an impact. Example – wedding or the one you wear to your biggest meetings.


Dymatize – The new leading light in supplements. Their mass-gainers are very special and from experience certainly get the job done.

Pinksun – Pinksun is an organic wholefoods company that sells a very effective range of organic grass-fed protein powders.

Swim Shorts

Bluemint – Bluemint is another company we’ve worked worked with in the past. Great people, a strong story behind the brand and importantly eye-catching swimshorts. Bluemint even let you customise your swimshorts.

Ties & Bowties


Grand Frank – Long-time friends of 1STMAN, owner and founder Kris wore a blue and gold Grand Frank watch for years before buying anything else due to how much he liked it. Very classy designs that fit in with modern fashion. They’ve also recently added clothing to their range of products.

Thomas Earnshaw – Extremely well-built timepieces that are priced around the £400 mark, but could effortlessly pass for £4000 due to how nice they look. The green and gold moonphase is our favourite.