1M Streaming Platform

The 1M Streaming Platform has been created to counteract the mass silencing of masculine views and the feminisation of Hollywood.

Eventually featuring documentaries, series, success stories, movies, biopics, podcasts, pre-existing content, live events and sports, the 1M platform will act as a central hub for men all over the globe.

Unlike platforms like Netflix, the 1M platform's priority will be to educate and improve male lives. Additionally more entertainment based content will be featured on the platform, however with masculinity being the focus, each and every show 1M produce will be valuable to a male audience.

The platform is currently in the final testing phase, with the 1M team out in the field filming the content you're about to love. Platform completion is 21st March, our first few projects will go live throughout April and May.

The platform is very much a long term project, we have 20 year plans and aim to create a monopoly on the men's industry by including a built in store, live stream capabilities and a quality level previous unseen within the male industry and unlikely to be replicated anytime soon.

Please take a look at some of our upcoming projects below (Currently waiting on complete thumbnails:


Male Depression Documentary 

DEPRESSION | The Male Epidemic (Release date: May 2023)

Depression has become the biggest killer of Men under the age of 50. In this documentary we'll take a look at why men are killing themselves in record numbers, why the media encourage depression and how to truly work your way back with good daily habits and correcting your bodies natural state


SIMP SOCIETY | (Release date: April 2023)

This generation of men are the weakest in history, the lowest testosterone levels, lowest sperm counts and highest levels of obesity. Couple that with porn addictions, Incels, OnlyFans, social media, dating apps and you have the perfect storm. In Simp Society we interview, Gad Saad, Warren Farrell, Eli Nash and more to get to the bottom of the core issues and solutions


STYLES MAKE FIGHTS - EP1 | MUAY THAI | (Release date: April 2023)

Styles Make Fights is a series exploring the most popular and effective fight styles from around the world. In episode 1 we visit Thailand to deep dive into Muay Thai, the culture, the history and more


GYM & JUICE | (Release date: June 2023)

Steroid usage is becoming more and more normal in society. In Gym & Juice we take a look at how prominent it's truly become within the general public and what problems are arising from more casual commercial use


MGTOW | The End of Marriage (Release date: June 2023)

As modern men learn from the mistakes of their grandfathers and fathers, many have realised the dream of being with one person forever, in such a materialistic and promiscuous world is futile. Many men are opting to go it alone, prioritise themselves and their finances. Could this lead to the end of marriage?


MALE ORDER (Release date: July 2023)

Western Women have never been so demanding, you can be a tall successful handsome well educated man and yet still be single due to pathetic red flags and social media trends such as "hot girl summer." As more and more men have become disillusioned with modern feminism, they're going abroad to find more traditional Women who actually want to become Mothers and Wives



No longer can a man simply wash his face, iron his shirt and head out. The new standards of male beauty have become a little ridiculous, an arms race has begun for physical perfection, we explore what these methods are and how dangerously far could it go?


STARTER HUSBANDS: (Release date: July 2023)

Exploring the disgusting world of Starter Husbands, where women marry with the purpose of divorcing for financial gain to climb the social ladder


INDOOR GENERATION: (Release date: May 2023)

How screen time, social media and gaming is keeping men indoors for longer. The negative impacts this is having on sleep, mood, anxiety, depression and more


HAIRLOSS CURE PENDING...: (Release date: May 2023)

Since 1990, a hairloss cure has been pitched every year with "promising new research" however over 30 years later and we're not even close. In this documentary we'll be looking at what's holding the industry back, are there any valid future cures on the horizon and is it just better to be bald?


RISE & DEMISE OF TATE (Release date: June 2023)

The sudden rise of global phenom Andrew Tate and the attempted demise of his brand and self by background groups also known as "The Matrix"


DOPE-AMINE (Release date: August 2023)

Looking at the modern world's heavy reliance on dopamine and that feel good factor coupled with instant gratification. What impact is this having and what are the long term effects?


TESTLESS (Release date: September 2023)

The lowest testosterone levels in male history, why? What can you do to avoid becoming a beta-pussy?