James is an army veteran who unfortunately got involved in a motorcycle accident hours after leaving the army.

After coming to terms with being an amputee, James has built a personal brand and life envied by men all over the planet.

1STMAN were lucky enough to interview James, hear his story and bring a slice of his unrelenting drive and motivation to your own lives below.

See our interview with James’ partner Heidi Lavon.




James M. Ramsey Interview


We constantly see female influencers as men aren’t as comfortable on camera – what’s it like having so many followers as a man do you feel any sense of responsibility as a role model?

There can be this obligatory feeling of being a role model, although people gotta understand that I’m going through all of this for the first time. I hope people that are struggling with something can pull themselves out of their own funk too… motivation will only get you so far. Having a defined goal will get you further along than motivation.


Tell us the story behind becoming an amputee

The long short on that topic is this: The day I got out of the army, I got on a motorcycle and hit a guard rail going 70. I woke up about 4 days later and was told that I had been in a terrible accident.
After that, things just seemed pretty grim. I wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen next, but some pretty cool stuff happened later on.


How did you manage to find the strength to not only keep driving forward but to go that extra mile and get your ass back in the gym when so many people have zero excuses and not even half the motivation you do?

I didnt want to be weak. or be seen as weak. I wanted to persevere. I didn’t want this to prevent me from living my best life.


I saw you deadlifting heavy weights, impressive stuff – how’s it different with the leg, were there any doubts even giving that a go at first?

I didn’t deadlift for a few years after losing my leg. It was a little weird at first because everything is different. Though I had the prosthetic it only helps with balance. It actually prevents me from getting down into a better position because the ankle does not bend.
That’s why lifting from blocks is extremely helpful for me. I’m still able to build great strength even though I’m not lifting from the ground.


james m ramsey


What’s your general weekly workout routine and diet for the men reading this who want to look like you?

Now my diet and training is a little different because Ive added Ju-jitsu in the mix. Now it’s lifting 3-4 days a week and Ju-jitusu 2-3 days a week. My meals vary but I always try to eat fresh unprocessed foods. We don’t even own a microwave as that tends to promote unhealthy eating habits.
I eat lots of red meats, eggs, yams, sometimes chicken, spinach etc. My protein and pre-workout all comes from SOFLETE.COM


I’m a big fan of Jocko Willink. I see you’ve posted a video of his on your Instagram page and you’ve probabaly heard the “Good” speech. That speech is embodied by yourself, would you say he’s been an inspiration of yours?

Yes definitely. His self discipline is impressive, and he makes me feel like a loser lol. You know what I’m saying.


We don’t really have guns in the UK – I used to shoot my Dad’s air rifle pretty good, but could you give me some lessons if I flew over?

That’s affirmative. Did you catch anything with that air rifle? haha


A lot of men are scared of their flaws, in this era especially, I know I was growing up. You’re uploading to thousands of people per day, sometimes nude! What advice would you give to men for overcoming their fears and insecurities?

Despite what I’ve put out into the world, I still have my own insecurities I deal with it just like everyone else. As I get older though, I realize all of the stuff that I used to worry about it is not as important as I thought it would be.
Age and experience overall has granted me the gift of acceptance.


5 songs that you couldn’t be without when training?

Ill give you my top 5 favorite stations on Pandora and they are: Blood Red Throne, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Ice Cube, Black Tongue, Infant Annihilator


Not a question – but myself and everyone at 1STMAN including our followers would like to thank you for being a shining light in the male community!

It’s an honor for sure! Would love to do more work with 1STMAN in the future! Thank you Kris!!!


Author Bio

Kris Sturmey

Kris Sturmey


Kris is a men’s expert with 6 years of experience within the men’s lifestyle game and is also the founder of 1STMAN based in London, UK.

Prior to starting Msicollege and 1STMAN Kris was a personal trainer, body language expert and men’s coach.

Kris personally emailed James and in fact his partner Heidi to conduct the interviews. After getting to know both individuals, Kris is planning to meet up with the couple to film future projects.

Learn more about Kris in our about section and founder profile.