For any man who has to shave often, you’ll know that it can be torture on your skin. Dragging a razor blade over your face day after day is of course going to irritate the surface.

In order to get that day after day comfort, Barrister and Mann have a product that is receiving great reviews from men everywhere.

The Barristers Reserve Cool Shaving Soap

We managed to get our hands on this soap a couple of weeks ago and have been using it ever since.

The first thing you notice is the creamy thickness of the soap and how with a brush or your hands, a little can go a very long way. You’ll also get a cool and refreshing feeling that doesn’t begin to sting like other shaving products.

The thickness of this product provides the coating that’s required to experience a clean but gentle shave, something that’s very rare to find. If you do add water, then it doesn’t completely disrupt the cream like some products, in fact it just makes it easier to spread which is perfect when you need to go back over a patch that has already been shaved but isn’t quite done.

The after shave feel is encouraging, the smoothness of your face lets you know that even though the job was carried out perfectly, your skin didn’t go through hell to get there.


We were also lucky enough to use the Reserve Aftershave Sample Packs.

All of the scents matched our style. As many of you know we support the gentleman and high end image at 1STMAN, and these fragrances complimented those tastes perfectly.

If you want to know more about Barrister & Mann and you’d like to see all of the other products that they have on offer, then use the links below to reach the appropriate page.