Driving games have always been a favorite with gamers worldwide. One of those popular driving games includes Forza Motorsport. A realistic Xbox exclusive that featured some of the greatest race tracks in driving simulation history.Wouldn’t it be great if you could satisfy one of your childhood pleasures and actually drive on these race tracks in real life?Well, it turns out you can. Of course many of the tracks from the game are real, but being able to drive on them as a civilian is another matter all together.Here are 10 tracks from Forza Motorsport that actually enable normal people to turn up and…well…have a go!

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Absolutely crazy right? One of the most iconic race tracks in racing game history lets you race around. In order to do this you either need to show up on a track day or rent the track for the day.

Road America

Road America is an iconic track and a long one at that. Many a Forza player have grabbed the fastest car possible and shot down the long straights at blistering speeds. Road america again allows for track days where normal people can show up and take a spin.


Maybe the most famous track in Europe and quite frankly ridiculous that they let normal people race around such a difficult track, however no one is complaining.


The world renowned English race track has been in almost every racing game in history. Silverstone lets you race around the track solo or with an instructor, just watch out for the rain.

Rally Di Positano (Amalfi Coast)

As it’s not always a race track this circuit is constantly drivable. You can drive around this circuit as you enoy the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, but just not at race pace. The circuit isn’t completely accurate but the real Amalfi Coast isn’t too different.

New York Circuit

Racing through the long streets of New York City was too exciting, even if the unneccesary chicane managed to get you. Of course this isn’t a real circuit that you can drive around in a racecar, but it is obviously a real place and the same roads will be recognizable.

Mugello Circuit

The Mugello circuit in Tuscany Italy, famous for the giant red helmet outside and it’s feature on the motoring show Top Gear. This circuit enables you to simply turn up, pay and race around, it’s unbelievable.

Circuit De La Sarthe

This is actually a Le Mans Circuit and very famous for it’s infield corners and long outer circuit straights. It’s still a huge surprise to us that this track is drivable for the public on special days.

Sebring International Raceway

A strange track with little direction in many parts which can confuse first timers. This track enables companies and other corporate organizations to rent it for the day, driving schools are also available.

Fujimi Kaido

Okay so not strictly a real race track. However Mt. Fuji in Japan is real and the roads/scenary is pretty similar. Driving around this region is like playing table tennis instead of tennis. It’s not quite the same game but it’ll fill a gap if it’s raining outside.