Hi guys Kris here owner of 1STMAN. Thank you for even deciding to visit this page and consider buying our course.


Who are 1STMAN?

1STMAN began as MSICOLLEGE a men’s self improvement website that many of you may remember. After re-branding as 1STMAN our aim was to create more professional video content that can take us forward and into new audiences.

However we soon realised that our large core loyal audience loved the older content so much that we had to re-upload it. Even though the content, website and vision has grown with our success, we still keep our main focus and reason for starting 1STMAN in mind: Helping men become better in a difficult world.

That’s exactly what we’ve done with this course. £30 – $39 or whatever currency you judge prices by, you need to look at it as an investment. When I was 21 I made a huge effort to improve who I was. I knew that body language was a major part of success with women, business and general day to day life. I therefore paid for a course that took me 2 years and £480 to complete.

There has not been a single day that has passed where I have doubted that decision. I have used body language to attract beautiful women, gain respect from other men, succeed in major job interviews and today negotiate business deals for 1STMAN.

Why did I decide to pay for this course? Well I compared other items/services that I would be willing to pay the same amount for. I realised that my Xbox One cost me the same amount yet hadn’t improved my life at all. I also realised that I had spent the same amount on nights out and alcohol within the last month and again gained nothing from that either. I decided to finally start investing in myself!

That’s exactly what I want for you guys with this course hence why ours is so affordable. £30 – the price of that pizza, fries and beers you bought last weekend yet got nothing from. The same price as a haircut. The price of 3 months of Tinder.

By investing in this course for £30, you will then possess knowledge and a skill that you can use for the rest of your life! If you live for another 50 years it works out at less that £1 per year yet a lifetime of value.


In this course:

  • Correct body language for walking, standing, sitting and other day to day actions
  • How to appear in photos/on social media in order to gain female attention
  • How to gain the respect of other men
  • Use tonality to control conversations and keep peoples attention
  • Using eye contact to make women want you
  • How to handle multiple women
  • Conor McGregor body language and how he used it to build an entire brand and image
  • How to be considered the alpha male in any social group
  • How to increase confidence naturally
  • How taking up space is used to gain the attention of women and respect of men
  • Making a first impression
  • How to move correctly
  • How the speed at which you move influences those around you
  • How the gym can help you become a body language expert
  • The correct head posture
  • Interacting with others
  • Bad habits to avoid
  • Using clothing to your advantage
  • Good body language mentality
  • Your vocabulary and how it works with body language
  • Predator vs prey mindset
  • The world around you and it’s influences


So many men grow up without role models, depression is the number one killer of men under 50 years old, we have a global epidemic. This is why guys turn to the likes of Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson and more to help them become the Men they know they can be and want to be. From all my experience in the world of helping men and producing content for men, body language is the foundation to build from that will have a ripple effect into all other areas of your life and give you the confidence boost to grow! That’s what it did for me.


Still not convinced? No problem go back to YouTube or our site and enjoy our other videos/article, we’ll be releasing many more in the next few years and we’re simply happy to have you as a subscriber/visitor.

Thanks guys, keep growing



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