After listening to the Joe Rogan podcast for the past 6 years, I’d say I have a pretty good handle on which podcasts were the best. I also have my own podcast so I understand when a conversation is more than just two people talking and the audience are genuinely engaged. I’d say I’ve listened to at least 400 full Joe Rogan podcasts and as a minimum, snippets of the ones I couldn’t find time for.

The Joe Rogan podcast has manifested some of the greatest conversations from our era. As many say, Joe Rogan is Oprah for men and it’s hard to argue.

Joe Rogan has interviewed some of the most interesting people from all walks of life, including everyone from Dan Bilzerian to Elon Musk to Kevin Hart, two individuals who couldn’t be further apart.

There’s been well over 1,000 Joe Rogan podcasts and climbing. In this post we want to take a look at the 27 best Joe Rogan podcasts in no particular order.

We also wanted to have top 5 sub-categories below the main list, there we’ve included individual lists from the best Joe Rogan podcasts in the areas of aliens/ufo’s, health, MMA, to learn something, fitness, motivation, with athletes/sports, about life, with scientists, history, money, diet and nutrition, business, the funniest, military, musicians, space, philosophy, politics and psychology.

All videos have been embeded so you can watch them straight from this page.

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The 27 Best Joe Rogan Podcasts


  • Dan Bilzerian
  • Brendan Schaub
  • Tim Kennedy
  • Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Elon Musk
  • Ben Shapiro
  • Tom Delonge
  • Neil Degrasse Tyson
  • Mike Tyson
  • Bill Burr
  • Jocko Willink
  • Henry Rollins
  • Jordan Peterson
  • GSP
  • Theo Von
  • Guy Richie
  • Brian Cox
  • Sober October 2
  • Lawrence Krauss
  • Louis Theroux
  • Lance Armstrong
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Edward Snowden
  • Ron Miscavige
  • Kevin Hart
  • Bob Lazar

Joe Rogan & Dan Bilzerian


The Dan Bilzerian podcast is one of my personal favourites. Dan’s podcast was able to capture humour whilst telling some of the best stories we’ve ever heard on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Hearing Dan Bilzerian talk about women, drugs, Vegas, gambling and the military was not only eye opening but somewhat educational for the modern man.

Joe Rogan & Brendan Schaub


Brendan and Joe have carried out many podcasts to date, but this may be the best of all.

When Brendan Schaub and Joe Rogan get together it’s guarenteed humour. In this podcast they were breaking down the upcoming Mayweather vs McGregor fight but deviated to speak about many other topics.

The most notable was Johnny Depp and how his spending has got out of control.

Joe Rogan & Tim Kennedy


One of the most interesting podcasts ever on the Joe Rogan show.

Tim Kennedy spoke about his documentary on the Nazi’s who according to Tim fled Germany at the end of WW2 and settled in Argentina.

To add to this, Tim strongly believes that Hitler was among the party that escaped!

Joe Rogan & Alex Jones/Eddie Bravo


Episode 911 – says it all really. Alex Jones is the world’s biggest conspiracy theorist, Eddie bravo perhaps the 2nd. Add alcohol and we have one hell of a crazy podcast.

Alex Jones has been on the Joe Rogan podcast since, however this one tops the bill as it’s episode 911 which makes it all too perfect to match.

Joe Rogan & Jamie Foxx


Jamie Foxx is an extremely interesting man. On this episode of the Joe Rogan podcast Jamie displays his multidiverse personality and talks about various topics including his many celebrity friends and the stories that accompany them.

Joe Rogan & Elon Musk


Elon Musk recently featured on the Joe Rogan podcast which sprung up many talking points.

Elon is a very eccentric guy, somewhat strange in fact, combined with alcohol and Joe Rogan’s clever way of asking questions Elon opened up about many interested talking points.

Topics discussed included AI intelligence, Tesla and of course chimps.

Joe Rogan & Ben Shapiro


Ben is a fast talking highly intelligent and very controversial individual who you either love or hate.

Whatever you think of Ben, his views on race, religion, gender and more will evoke strong emotions and keep you gripped for the entire podcast.

Joe Rogan & Tom Delonge


There’s no other way to say it, Tom Delonge is a lunatic.

This podcast may not factually educate you like some of the others do, but Tom’s deluded conspiracies will certainly entertain you.

Also look out for his favourite term “I can’t say”. Tom seems to dodge every single investigative question with that phrase which is a little fishy.

Joe Rogan & Neil Degrasse Tyson


Neil Degrasse Tyson is everyone’s favourite scientist. In this podcast Neil breaksdown science 101.

In short everything you thought you knew about science will be tested by someone it seems has all the logical answers.

Joe Rogan & Mike Tyson


Iron Mike Tyson made his way to Joe Rogan’s studios in early 2019.

Mike spoke about all the craziness that went on during his early/fight year. He also speaks about the man he is today how he’s changed and his weed business.

Joe Rogan & Bill Burr


Bill Burr is one of the funniest guys alive. His outspoken and carefree attitude is the perfect mix for the Joe Rogan podcast.

Bill and Joe go way back so the chemistry works well, simply sit back and enjoy a few laughs for the next few hours.

Joe Rogan & Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink is an ex Navy Seal. He epitomises what it means to be driven, focused and resilient.

He runs through some of his techniques, beliefs and stories in this extremely motivating podcast making it one of the best Joe Rogan podcasts of all time.

Joe Rogan & Henry Rollins


Joe and Henry Rollins speak about Henry’s time and experiences in North Korea.

One discussion involves Henry having to flee North Korea fearing for his life and safety. Certainly an entertaining listen.

Joe Rogan & Jordan Peterson


Jordan Peterson is the go-to guru for modern men. Many believe Jordan is the Father figure they never had.

His views on masculinity, attraction, alpha males and more are interesting topics for any man.

Joe Rogan & GSP


GSP is one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time and many believe he is the best espeicially in Canada where GSP is from.

As Joe Rogan is the UFC commentator, him and GSP cover all topics related to MMA. For any MMA fans this is your dream podcast.

Joe Rogan & Theo Von


Theo Von like Joe is a successful comedian and one of the funniest in the world.

Theo has a way of thinking like no other comic out there right now which translates to perhaps the funniest podcast of all time.

Look out for the vietnemese starter move!

Joe Rogan & Guy Ritchie


Guy Richie is a successful British film director and also a keen MMA fan.

As you can see by Guy’s attire he likes to dress well, a topic he drops some valuable knowledge about in the podcast that will help any man in life.

Joe Rogan & Brian Cox


In one of the earlier but new format Joe Rogan podcasts popular British scientist Brian Cox breaks down the in’s and out’s of the universe.

A very educational podcast but if that’s your thing, then extremely entertaining.

Joe Rogan & Ari Shaffir, Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura | Sober October 2 Recap


Joe Rogan and three of his closest friends do something called sober October where they go drink and drug free for a month with as many gym sessions as possible.

Hearing them speak about their experiences whilst getting high and drunk is hilarious and makes you feel like part of the celebrations.

Joe Rogan & Lawrence Krauss


Lawrence Krauss is an extremely intelligent man, perhaps too intelligent when he “Blows Joe Rogan’s mind” with some of his new age science.

If you can keep up with Lawrence Krauss, then this is a Joe Rogan podcast that you have to watch.

Joe Rogan & Louis Theroux


Louis Theroux is a very successful documentary maker.

The documentary current at the time was his exploration of Scientology which Louis and Joe went in-depth on in this podcast.

Joe Rogan & Lance Armstrong


In this Joe Rogan podcast Lance Armstrong reveals all regarding his doping scandal that rocked the world of cycling and sports as a whole.

For any cycling fans or people who have heard Lance’s story this one will grip you throughout.

Joe Rogan & Gary Vaynerchuk


At the time Gary Vaynerchuk was the most popular name in the entrepreneur community.

His YouTube videos and passionate rants attracted a huge audience and still does today. In this Joe Rogan podcast Gary Vaynerchuk is true to form and delivers the energy that has made him so successful to date.

Joe Rogan & Edward Snowden


For anyone who hasn’t watched the film “Snowden” Edward was working for the NSA when he realised that the government were spying on people.

Edward downloaded this information, managed to get it out of America, handed it over to journalists and now lives in exile from the US hence why he isn’t in the studio with Joe.

Joe Rogan & Ron Miscavige


Ron Miscavige is the unfortunate Father of David Miscavige the leader of Scientology.

This nutcase made his own Dad’s life hell and hasn’t spoken to him in years since Ron left Scientology.

Hearing his story is mind blowing and you can’t help but feel sorry for the guy.

Joe Rogan & Kevin Hart


You see Kevin’s shows and expect him to simply be the funny guy all the time. But in episode #1278 Kevin showed his other attributes also.

This includes his love for life, his motivational words, his level headedness, workrate, life lessons and more. Watch this episode and unsurprisingly you’ll laugh, but surprisingly you’ll go away with some life lessons more suited to a Tony Robbins seminar.

Joe Rogan & Bob Lazar


The go-to guy for anything “aliens”. Bob apparently spent time at Area 51 working on some of the UFO’s that were supposed to be housed there.

One of Joe’s most popular podcasts of all time. Joe reguarly mentions Bob Lazar and to finally get him on the podcast was great for fans.

The best Joe Rogan podcasts SCIENCE & SPACE


  • Brian Cox
  • Lawrence Krauss
  • Neil Degrasse Tyson
  • Sean Carroll
  • Sir Roger Penrose

Joe Rogan & Brian Cox


Professor Brian Cox is an English physicist and Professor of Particle Physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester in the UK.

Joe Rogan & Lawrence Krauss


Lawrence Krauss is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, best-selling author, producer, actor, and science and public policy advocate. His latest book The Greatest Story Ever Told So-Far is available now —

Joe Rogan & Neil Degrasse Tyson


Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator.

There are many Neil Degrasse Tyson podcasts, but when it comes to science the most recent is always best as new findings are constantly contradicting the old ones.

Joe Rogan & Sean Carroll


Sean Carroll is a cosmologist and physics professor specializing in dark energy and general relativity. He is a research professor in the Department of Physics at the California Institute of Technology. Check out his books and more of his work at

Joe Rogan & Sir Roger Penrose


Sir Roger Penrose OM FRS is an English mathematical physicist, mathematician and philosopher of science. He is Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics in the University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford.

The best Joe Rogan podcasts Aliens & UFO’s


  • Bob Lazar
  • CMDR. David Fravor
  • Graham Hancock
  • Dr Steven Greer
  • Giorgio Tsoukalos

Joe Rogan & Bob Lazar


Featured in our top podcasts of all time list, Bob Lazar is back. Bob probably has the most famous Alien/UFO stories of all time and maybe the most credible.

For any Alien/UFO enthusiasts this podcast is a must listen.

Joe Rogan & CMDR. David Fravor


David is a famous retired Navy Pilot. David became famous after capturing footage of the “Tik Tac” shaped UFO while flying.

The video later went viral on YouTube after it was leaked.

Joe Rogan & Graham Hancock


Graham is a British author and a believer of the ancient alien theory. He’s well known for his books “Fingerprints of the Gods” and “Magicians of the Gods”.

Joe Rogan & Dr Steven Greer


Dr Steven Greer is an UFO enthusiast and producer of the documentary “The Unacknowledged”.

Steven believes secrets have been kept from the public and hampered human progression.

Joe Rogan & Giorgio Tsoukalos


Giorgio was made famous by the show “Ancient Aliens” where he became the star of the show and a meme.

Giorgio shocks Joe on this episode with endless amounts of Alien nuggets.

The best Joe Rogan podcasts HEALTH


  • David Sinclair
  • Matthew Walker
  • Dr Rhonda Patrick
  • Wim Hof
  • Gary Taubes

Joe Rogan & David Sinclair


David Sinclair is at the forefront of anti-aging research.

Having been on the podcast before, we’ve selected the most recent episode as this “new science” is constantly evolving and changing.

Joe Rogan & Matthew Walker


Matthew Walker came on the JRE podcast with something completely different. Matthew is a sleep expert and shocked Joe and listeners with the health benefits of sleep and alternatively the negative impacts of not sleeping enough.

Joe Rogan & Dr Rhonda Patrick


Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at

Joe Rogan & Wim Hof


Wim is a giant advocator of deep and proper breathing.

Most people are shallow breathers and Wim believes it’s seriously damaging our health.

Joe Rogan & Gary Taubes


Gary Taubes is the author of The Case Against Sugar, Why We Get Fat, Good Calories, Bad Calories, Bad Science, and Nobel Dreams.

The best Joe Rogan podcasts MMA/BOXING


  • Mike Tyson
  • Vinny Shoreman & Liam Harrison
  • Georges St Pierre
  • Andre Ward
  • Chael Sonnen

Joe Rogan & Mike Tyson


Even though Mike doesn’t like his old self, he’s still willing to speak about the “old days”.

For fight fans you couldn’t get a better person to talk to, Mike’s stories inside and outside of the ring during his peak boxing years are entertaining and humorous.

Joe Rogan with Vinny Shoreman & Liam Harrison


Big names from the Muay Tai scene. Vinny Shoreman is a fight commentator, mind coach. Liam Harrison is an 8 time kickboxing and Muay Thai world champion, including holding the W.M.C. belt.

Joe Rogan & Georges St Pierre


For many Georges is the greatest MMA fighter of all time. In this MMA podcast George talks for 3 hours at length about everything fight related and his career.

Georges is an entertaining man and a little crazy, which always makes for an interesting listen.

Joe Rogan & Andre Ward


My personal favourite Joe Rogan MMA podcast. Andre Ward is such an intelligent man, he was able to go undefeated throughout his entire fight career and retire in his prime which many believe is a smart decision and has earned him a lot of respect.

Joe Rogan & Chael Sonnen


Chael is a former UFC fighter famous for his trash talk and currently has his own podcast along with commentating jobs for ESPN.

Chael is an intelligent and articulate speaker, along with Joe Rogan this makes for a facinating podcast.

Joe Rogan & Michael Bisping


Breaking our top 5 lists with an extra podcast – The UK fighter will certainly go down in the UFC Hall of Fame one day.

He’s had some memorable fights, wins and losses, and he has the stories to go along with them.

Joe Rogan & Big John McCarthy


Breaking our top 5 list with a 2nd extra podcast is former UFC referee and no commentator at Bellator Big John McCarthy.

With John’s knowledge of the sport and his unrivalled view on the action over many years, he’s a must listen for any MMA fans out there.

The best Joe Rogan podcasts Fitness


  • Dorian Yates
  • Firas Zahabi
  • C.T. Fletcher
  • Ben Greenfield
  • Pat Mcnamara

Joe Rogan & Dorian Yates


Dorian Yates won Mr Olympia 6 consecutive times and has as much fitness knowledge as anyone alive.

Dorians take on smoking weed for recovery is particularly interesting.

Read our content on “The benefits of working out high“.

Joe Rogan & Firas Zahabi


Firas is the head coach of Tristar gym and really made a lot of people sit up and take notice of his approach to training/working out smarter.

Firas believes in doing less but more often rather than destroying your body on a daily basis and then being too tired to train.

Joe Rogan & C.T. Fletcher


C.T. Fletcher is an ex-powerlifter, actor, and video-blogger. He is a 3-Time World Bench Press Champion and 3-Time World Strict Curl Champion.

Unlike Firas, C.T. believes in overtraining to build strength and muscle. It’s nice to get a for and against opinion.

Joe Rogan & Ben Greenfield


Ben Greenfield is a Coach, Author, Speaker, ex-Bodybuilder and Ironman Triathlete. In 2008 he was voted as the Personal Trainer of the Year by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and recognized as the top 100 Most Influential People in Health in 2013.

Joe Rogan & Pat Mcnamara


Pat is a huge advocator of functional fitness and moving away from the traditional and static bench press exercises.

You’re sure to learn a lot about fitness from this podcast.

The best Joe Rogan podcasts TO LEARN SOMETHING


  • Gad Saad
  • Ioan Grillo
  • Forest Galante
  • Lex Fridman
  • Randall Carlson & Graham Hancock

Joe Rogan & Gad Saad


Gad goes deep into behavioural sciences. His take on why women and men are attracted to each other and the mindset behind sex, relationships and dating is something every man needs to hear and learn.

Joe Rogan & Ioan Grillo


Ioan’s story is facinating. He was a journalist during the Narcos era in South America.

He takes us step by step through the turmoil and lives of the people that were impacted. So much to learn from this podcast.

Joe Rogan & Forest Galante


Forrest Galante gave a gripping podcast when he spoke about nature, the environment and lost species.

Forrest believes there’s a location on Earth where many exstinct animals are still alive tucked between difficult to pass mountain ranges.

Joe Rogan & Lex Fridman


Lex is an AI intelligence expert and talks about the future of AI and of course the dangers.

Lex is currently a research scientist at MIT.

Joe Rogan with Randall Carlson & Graham Hancock


Two individuals with wide ranges of knowledge across various subjects talking about geography, history, space and more.

Graham Hancock is an English author and journalist, well known for books such as “Fingerprints Of The Gods” & his latest book “Magicians of the Gods” is available now. Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar.

The best Joe Rogan podcasts MOTIVATION


  • David Goggins
  • Jocko Willink
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Kevin Hart

Joe Rogan & David Goggins


David is one of the most motivating people alive.

A retired Navy Seal David now inspires millions of people with his speeches and physical achievements. 

David holds the world record for most pull ups in 24 hours.

Joe Rogan & Jocko Willink


Jocko Willink is a retired Navy Seal Officer and now motivates people worldwide with his speeches, books and podcast.

His video “Good” has been extremely motivating for so many people.

Joe Rogan & Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and motivator of millions worldwide to follow their dreams.

This podcast is no different with Gary giving his typical dose of motivation.

Joe Rogan & Jordan Peterson


Jordan Peterson is well-known for trying to help men restore their masculinity.

In everyone of his 3 Joe Rogan podcasts he promotes men coming out of their shell and getting away from the new conformed society.

Joe Rogan & Kevin Hart


Kevin Hart is a well known comedian, but his love for life gives so many people passion.

His mindset and positivity is very refreshing to hear and will make you feel good about your day.

The best Joe Rogan podcasts FITNESS/SPORTS


  • Arian Foster
  • Nick Curson
  • UFC Performance Institute staff
  • Louie Simmons
  • Mark Sission

Joe Rogan & Arian Foster


Arian Foster is a former NFL player. This podcast became famous for Arians comments regarding being able to fight a wolf and win, Twitter went crazy.

Joe Rogan & Nick Curson


Nick Curson is a strength and conditioning coach known for working with UFC World Champion Rafael Dos Anjos and Russian boxer Ruslan Provodnikov.

Joe Rogan with Forrest Griffin, Clint Wattenberg & Dr Duncan French


The three men listed above run the UFC’s performance institute in Las Vegas.

The guys speak about the type of facilities they have available, new ways of testing that are helping the fighters, training methods and more.

A real interesting podcast to understand the pinnacle in sports science.

Joe Rogan & Louie Simmons


Louie Simmons is an American powerlifter and strength coach. He is noted for owning a private powerlifting gym, Westside Barbell; developing the ‘Westside Barbell’ method of training and applying it to powerlifting and other sports; and inventing several pieces of strength training equipment.

Joe Rogan & Mark Sission


Mark is the author of Primal Blueprint where he advocates a caveman style life. Mark is a big believer of the paleo diet and of increasing natural daily movement. 

The best Joe Rogan podcasts ABOUT LIFE


  • Dan Bilzerian
  • Laird Hamilton
  • William Von Hippel
  • Jordan Peterson #1208
  • Russell Brand

Joe Rogan & Dan Bilzerian


As much as it would be advised for Dan Bilzerian not to be your life coach, the guy gives away some gems in this podcast that I believe every man should pay attention to.

Joe Rogan & Laird Hamilton


Laird Hamilton embodies the surfer lifestyle. He talks about health, tricks that he uses to recover quicker and useful mentality tips. This podcast is a must for anyone looking to relax and get a grip.

Joe Rogan & William Von Hippel


William von Hippel is a professor of psychology at the University of Queensland. His new book “The Social Leap”

Joe Rogan & Jordan Peterson


Jordan is a must for any man wanting to improve. His opinions on how we’re living and how we should be living are extremely insightful.

Joe Rogan & Russell Brand


Russell is a “Man of the Earth” and always brings a new take to life when he steps on the podcast. The oldest and you’d assume wisest version of Russell is featured in his latest appearance here.

Author Bio

Kris Sturmey

Kris Sturmey


Kris is a men’s expert with 6 years of experience within the men’s lifestyle game and is also the founder of 1STMAN based in London, UK.

Prior to starting Msicollege and 1STMAN Kris was a personal trainer, body language expert and men’s coach.

A big fan of the Joe Rogan podcast, Kris decided to put this list together of the best Joe Rogan poadcasts of all time.