Getting time to yourself is rare. When we do get it, many of us are guilty of misusing our free-time and actually end up feeling a lot worse than before the break.

A couple of places where your batteries are sure to be fully recharged happen to be luxury spa’s. Below are some of the most luxurious relaxation and health centers in the world..but they’re not cheap!


Lanserhof Lans | Austria

This venue first opened in 1984 and has recently had a 25million euro revamp. Set in ideal alpine surroundings this spa offers everything from sports to cryotherapy. It’s the perfect location for detoxing and releasing stress.

Price: £3000/$3900 pw

Lanserhof Lans | Tegernsee

Perhaps the most modern luxury spa in the world, set in the elevated town of Tegernsee, located in beautiful Bavaria Germany. This spa is part of the Lanserhof Lans division and offers many of the same features as the Austrian location. With a giant team of Doctors and specialists, whatever health concerns you have will be easily addressed.

Price: £530-£1768/$696-$2321 pn

The Lanesborough Club & Spa | London

With elite spa facilities, gym facilities and an on-site restaurant, The Lanesborough is an ideal combination of relaxation and big city vibes.

Price: Subject to dates and membership

SHA Wellness Clinic | Alicante

With one of the most stunning mediterranean locations on planet Earth and warm weather, this spa facility may just be the most relaxing on this list.

Price: £2000 – £4000/ $2625 – $5251

Clinique La Prairie | Switzerland

This venue is a real specialist in multiple areas of relaxation and wellness. Everything from quitting smoking to beauty are tackled at this award winning location.

Price: Vary largely due to multiple packages

Schloss Elmau | Germany

Containing some of the best range of facilities in the world, this spa caters to children and adults, and even has various different spa types including a nature spa which is particuarly relaxing.

Price: £202/$265 pn

Vila Vita Parc | Portugal

This venue includes private villas, spectacular views and all of the spa facilities you’d need.

Price: £205/$435 pn – Minimum stay 2 nights

Champney’s Tring | UK

Set in the picturesque British countryside, the Champney’s Tring location is the perfect escape from modern life.

Price: £180/$236 pn