Summer is drawing to a close, but the warm weather doesn’t have to end. If you’re not ready to put away your shorts and barbecue food just yet, then here are 7 countries you can visit that stay warm throughout autumn.



Average Autumn Temperature: 21 degrees

As one of the most beautiful places in the world, Greece is the ideal summer blues holiday destination. In the summer it can actually be a little too hot, during autumn the conditions are near perfect.


Average Autumn Temperature: 29 degrees

Considered a federation of 7 Emirates but classed by most as a country, the UAE is like European/North American summer time during Autumn.


Average Autumn Temperature: 22 degrees

Australia of course have different seasons to most of the world. However this can be a good thing. As it gets colder everywhere else, Australia move into their spring and summer months.


Average Autumn Temperature: 21 degrees

Morocco is beautiful and has plenty of 4 and 5 star hotels that you can stay at residing in tourist recognized areas.


Average Autumn Temperature: 20 degrees

Portugal has many options including a city break or a typical sun and sand break. With an average of 20 degrees this would be a fantastic break from typical autumn.


Average Autumn Temperature: 21

Spain like Portugal has multiple cities and tourist resorts to visit. Enjoy the hussle and bussle of Barcelona or relax on the quiet beaches of San Sebastian.


Average Autumn Temperature: 26

Cyprus may have taken a few financial hits, however the land itself is beautiful, the food is great and the people are very accommodating. If you spend a little extra and get a nice villa, then this trip will be extremely relaxing.