About 1STMAN

luxury lifestyles for men

1STMAN is a men’s luxury lifestyle website that focuses on 3 things.

  • Showcasing
  • Professionalism
  • Providing Value

Our ethos at 1STMAN with every piece of content that we produce is to present a professional showcase that provides our audience with value that they can use in their own lives.

We want people to not only be entertained when they visit 1STMAN, but to become better and to feel as though they took something valuable away each time they visit.


1STMAN has the aim of becoming the premiere men’s lifestyle brand in the world. We will achieve this by producing high quality content, in written format, as imagery and of course in 4K video format.

We understand that there’s a whole world out there filled with interesting brands, individuals, events, projects, niches, etc. We bring the world of global men’s lifestyle’s to your home, and act like a bridge between who you currently are and who you’d like to become.

Although we’re a men’s luxury lifestyle brand, we will never forget our self-improvement roots, but we have evolved to present men’s self-improvement in a much more professional and unique way that no other brand in the world is able to compete with.

We won’t just show you an expensive rolex like some men’s lifestyle brands, we’ll tell you how it was made, get interviews with staff, find the people who wear them and ask them to tell you how to make the money to afford one for yourself.

This is what seperates 1STMAN from all of the other men’s lifestyle brands who are somewhat detached from their audience.


In the next year we’re going to be filming content from all over the globe, working with high profile influencers on exciting projects, and being there for the world’s biggest global events.