With the disruption in Spain between the Catalan people and the rest of the population, many are predicting a change of league for the Barcelona football team.

With the Premier League being so lucrative with huge TV deals and worldwide popularity, many believe that Barcelona will try and enter the top English division and opt out of the La Liga.

As a seperate state this would be possible as they would have the choice to play where they please. Monaco is an independent city state, yet they still compete in the French league each season.



However Monaco playing in the French division is logical geographically. Barcelona playing in the Premier League isn’t. With roughly a 2 hour flight for every away game, and a 2 hour flight for every away team for Barcelona home games, it’s hard to see either Barcelona themselves or the English FA pushing for the move.

To North American sports fans, travelling 2 hours is a short trip. NBA teams are on the road for months at a time, making trips up to 6 hours across country. This suggests that it would be possible, but what about the fans?



Most English club fans would probabaly be pretty happy about a trip to sunny Barcelona once a season, but Barcelona fans would most likely be furious about 19 away trips to England per season due to the cost. It’s not like they couldn’t fill the allocated seats, there’s enough Barcelona fans living in the UK, and that’s not counting all of the glory supporters who are likely to jump on the Catalan bandwagon in order to seem exotic.

The biggest problem it seems would be the attitude of other teams. Firstly Barcelona present a problem, it’s one more super team to wrestle against for the title. It’s also another slot taken up that could go to a promoted team. It’s fair to say that most teams would vote for Barcelona to begin in a lower division and earn their Premier League slot, which is something they’re unlikely to do.


What About A Super League?

This is nothing new, many huge investors and owners of top teams have spoken about creating a US type of organisation in order to maximize profits.

A Champions League style league would generate enormous amounts of money as every single game would be a stunning main event.

It would also open up the possiblity for new teams to form such as Dubai FC who could invest millions and instantly become a force.

Whether sports fans would be happy with this or not is up for debate, but it sure would be interesting. However for the time being it’s logical to suggest that barcelona will enter the La Liga once again next season, or at worst the Portuguese league if the death threats and crowds become too much to handle.