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For women Halloween is an event that carries unlimited options along with it. As a man however things are a little more difficult.

You have the choice between being too elaborate and embarrassing yourself. Going down the comedic route and getting labelled immature. Or even choosing to not participate and getting called boring.

For men there’s a very thin line of acceptable outfits. It’s important to appear fun without completely destroying your sex appeal.

Here are a range of costumes that will enable you to do just that:



The Zombie

Usually someone saying you look like a zombie is a bad thing. However with the right contact lenses this costume can give you some real sex appeal.

The Vampire

For this costume you have to think less Dracula and more Twilight. Thanks to the Twilight franchise, male vampires are highly acceptable when done right.

A Man In Uniform

As they say, “Who doesn’t love a man in uniform?” Going for the marine, firefighter, police officer look will always produce great results.

Excuse To Get Your Body Out

If you’re in terrific shape but don’t want to look like a show-off, then Halloween is the perfect time to achieve this. Nobodies going to think you’re weird if you turn up with an open red leather jacket and abs on show as a slight adaption to Brad Pitt in fight club.

Conor McGregor

Everyone is going to know who you came as, its current, it’s a fun outfit, men and women will like it, it has various options.


The Kingsman film has given you an excuse to rock the preppy gentleman look. That orange tux combo really will catch eyes.