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We all want to look good and orthotropics gives us a way to achieve this.

After looking into orthotropics for 3 years I managed to find my own methods via trial and error that accomplished the most dramatic and effective results.

Below I have provided one of the tips for free and I have included before and after images.

In a recent scientific study, weights were attached to birds wings. These birds would flap until fatigue, then rest by gliding. This initiated a weighted stretch which in turn stretched the muscle fibres. The bird’s muscles grew by 300% from this method.

Many people in the fitness world are also using this technique. This is when I began to realize that the same would occur with the jaw muscle. At the end of the day, a muscle is just a muscle regardless of where it is on the body.

I began to chew tough mastiha gum until fatigue as normal. Then I would add in a 2nd method to emulate the weighted stretch. I clenched down on the gum for 30 seconds, then released. I did this 5 times on each side. After 2 months, the results were alarming, I had those jaw muscles that have grooves and bumps in, the ones that push out so far they reveal hollow cheeks as you can see from the images below.