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Flying first class is one of lives great luxuries, especially if that flight is scheduled to take 6 hours or more.

No one wants to sit with their knees pressed up against the seat in front, drinking out of a miniature can and snapping their fork on a rubbery chicken breast.

Here to ease your pain are 5 of the best first class cabins from airlines around the world.

Singapore Suites ($23,000)

Including an individual cabin with a sliding door, Singapore suites enable passengers of first class suites to enjoy a completely private trip if they wish. Each cabin is designed by French Yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste and has a bed that’s seperate to your seat.

You can even make some adjustments and create a double bed complete with dining room area to make things feel like home. If you feel hungry at any point, acclaimed chefs are on-board with custom dishes that can be booked 24 hours in advance.

In terms of entertainment, each cabin has a 23-inch TV, BOSE noise canceling headphones, a whole range of entertainment features and internet access.

Emirates First Class Suites ($15,000)

The Emirates first class suites are all about facilities. Your suite includes a sliding door for privacy, the choice of wine or champagne and your own mini-bar. If it’s entertainment you’re after, then you can adjust the lighting and kick back with your own private cinema. If you want to get some sleep, then your seat transforms into a real single bed, the world’s first moisturising sleep wear can also be included.

The food is of a similar standard, professional chefs are on hand to cook you meals whenever your heart desires.

You can also go and take a shower in the onboard shower spa and grab a drink at the onboard lounge.

Etihad The Residence ($43,000)

Etihad The Residence feels like you’re still at home. This 3 room suite is a small apartment in the sky. With your own personal butler, concierge service and chef, nothing is too much to ask.

You have a living room, a bedroom and an ensuite shower room. The Residence is designed for two people traveling together, usually couples.

Oman Air First Class ($2,000)

Containing just 6 seats, the Oman Air airline are able to have the largest seats in the world for their first class passengers.

With a chauffeur service, high level dining and unlimited internet, the Oman Air first class cabin is a great place to travel in comfort.

Cathay Pacific First Class Suites ($10,000)

On the Cathay Pacific you can enjoy your own private suite that comes with a padded leather massage chair.

With a spaced out area, this airline creates the perfect office space with sockets for all of your devices.

If you get tired along the way, the chair folds out to create a single bed.

The food menu has a whole range of cultures, combined with beverages and great movie entertainment you get the perfect experience.