Autumn is perhaps the most beautiful and romantic time of the year. This makes it ideal for a city break as things begin to cool down.

Here are 13 places that you need to visit during the upcoming autumn period.


Paris (France)

Perhaps the most obvious location on this list, Paris is truly spectacular in autumn. With a busy city vibe, riverside walks and orange/red trees planted along the roads, Paris truly sits near the top when it comes to autumn breaks.

Bath (England)

Not on everyone’s list when it comes to geographical knowledge. Bath is an old Roman town that resembles Florence in Italy. During the autumn the Italian architecture is wrapped by autumn colored vegetation that creates an unbelievable mix of natural and man-made beauty.

New York (United States)

New York is the perfect combination of city life and nature during autumn. This is partly down to one feature…Central Park. Seeing the changing leaves encased by skyscrappers is a sight that can’t be matched anywhere else.

Vienna (Austria)

Vienna is beautiful all throughout the year, however in autumn the historic buildings and layout are complimented and somewhat taken back to an older time which is really easy on the eye.


Budapest (Hungary)

With festivals and seasonal based food and drink, autumn is the perfect time to be in Budapest.

Copenhagan (Denmark)

With a popular jazz festival, riverside walks and great people, Copenhagen is hopelessly romantic and perfect for couples.

Montreal (Canada)

Drenched in color, Montreal reveals it’s true beauty just before the deep freeze, which gives you even more reason to see it during this brief period.

Edinburgh (Scotland)

Scotland is one of the most untouched places on civilized Earth. Edinburgh combines the iconic countryside of the British Isles with historic structures such as castles. This combination flourishes during autumn as the mix of stone and vibrant reds and oranges blend together to astonish tourists.

Vancouver (Canada)

Similar to the New York set up, but with increased beauty. With the combination of highrise buildings, the floating mist and rich colors, Vancouver is hard to beat in autumn.

Lake District (Cumbria, UK)

Okay so not strictly a city but impossible to leave off this list. As a national park with natural lakes and breathtaking English rolling hills, the Lake District could be the most beautiful place in the world during autumn, especially in the mornings.

Prague (Czech Republic)

A vibrant city that already contains plenty of color via it’s buildings simply explodes during autumn. This picturesque city is truly one of Europe’s finest.

Rome (Italy)

Low lying sun, not too cold, ancient ruins and one of the most cultured cities in the world. What more could you ask for?

Stuttgart (Germany)

Beautiful in itself, but mainly on this list because it sits right next to the Black Forest that borders Germany and Poland. Just take a look at the beauty of this landmark during autumn below.