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Call Of Duty pretty much raised a whole decade of kids. The features of these games are already set in history, however it helps when many of the game features actually exist in real life.

One of these features happens to be the maps. There are many locations found in COD that the games developers based on real life places.

We’ve found 12 of those locations and placed them next to their in-game replicas.


Resistance (Place Dalida, Paris)

An almost identical replica, this location must have been spotted during a family vacation from one of the people working on the game.

Nuketown (Nevada)

Nuketown was a military experiment in the desert of Nevada to see what would happen when hit by a nuclear weapon. It can be seen in Call Of Duty and in films such as Indianna Jones & The Crystal Skull. There’s even a COD replica that has been made for paintball matches.

Raid (A Real House In Los Angeles)

Raid is a map that looks like a Los Angeles mansion. The reason for this is because it is. The map Raid is actually based on a real home. It’s hard to tell since no images inside the house have been released, but COD themselves have confirmed it.

Bloc (Chernobyl)

Chernobyl is a town in Ukraine that sits next to a nuclear plant. Sadly that nuclear plant became unstable and exploded releasing radiation that makes the area uninhabitable.

Hijacked (Admiral X Force)

Hijacked is a yacht map. COD based the map on a yacht that can be found on Google Earth. Many people believe this yacht is the Admiral X Force.

Favelas (Rio De Janeiro)

Based on the Favelas of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil with a few changes.

Underground (Broad Street Station, London)

This is an old rail station in London that is now out of use. There are many features that seem familiar. Including the front entrance, the old-school billboards, the building itself, the stairs have the same structure and paint work, and the trains are arranged in the exact same fashion out the back.


Stoneheaven (Dunnottar Castle, Scotland)

Although not entirely the same, you can see that it’s clearly the inspiration for the map. Some same that Stoneheaven is a combination between Dunnottar Castle and the actual castle being based on Dunstanburgh Castle in Wales.

Flooded (Caracus, Venezuela)

After terrible floods in North Venezuela, COD seemed to jump on this and based the map Flooded off the events. With many shots of flooded towns, cars underwater and parking lots being home to the citizens, it really does resemble Flooded.

Sideshow (Clown Motel, Nevada)

Sideshow is clearly based on this motel. The pictures alone tell the entire story.

Der EisendracheĀ (Hohenwerfen Castle, Austria)

This was a zombie map and it actually exists in real life. COD copied the landscape and interior of the castle to produce a terrifying zombie map.

RustĀ (Somewhere In The US)

Some kids on Spring Break documented “the real life rust” in a YouTube video. The exact location isn’t known but with a few containers dotted around things would look pretty similar.