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After spending the last few months sitting out in the sun and enjoying your drinks on patios, the colder weather and the mass indoor retreat can be somewhat unwelcoming.

However here are 10 rooftop bars that reside in warmer climates and can extend your outdoor enjoyment through autumn.



Spire 73 | Los Angeles

With an average temperature of 18 degrees in autumn, Los Angeles is the perfect place for a rooftop bar. The stunning Spire 73 is America’s tallest open-air bar and sits on the 73rd story of the Intercontinental Hotel.

Sugar | Miami

Miami has an average autumn temperature of 25 degrees, which makes rooftop food and drinks a perfect activity. Of course they’re currently experiencing bad weather from Irma so it could be bad timing to go just yet.

Red2One | Santiago

With Chile having an average temperature of 18 degrees in autumn, the beautiful and modern Red2One Bar is the perfect place to spend your weekends and late nights.

Level 43 Sky Lounge | Dubai

Dubai was always going to make this list. Known for it’s luxury and hot temperatures, a 32 degree heat will enable you to continue this lifestyle into autumn.

Filifera | Los Angeles

Returning to Los Angeles again with that year round sunshine we have Filifera. Filifera has a safari feel to it which was popular in old Hollywood.

Lookup Rooftop Bar | Dubai

The Lookup Bar is our second Dubai location. This bar has spectacular views of Dubai and is a sizable venue.

The Roof At ME | Madrid

This venue is extremely hard to get into. The venue has great views of the heart of Madrid, It’s a favourite for the players of Real Madrid and by all accounts the waitresses all look like models. With an average temperature of 15 degrees in autumn, it’s comfortable enough to be outside when wearing a jacket.

Area 31 | Miami

Returning to Miami once again for Area 31, the average autumn temperatures of 25 degrees allow users to enjoy this venue for many months of the year.

Skye | Hong Kong

Skye in Hong Kong is simply stunning. It has a modern theme and enjoys an average temperature of 27 degrees in October and November.

Uptown Bar | Dubai

Returning to Dubai for the final time, with one of the best views in the world, the Uptown Bar welcomes high level guests with it’s 32 degree October and November temperatures.